This section has all technical documents and API specifications

This repository contains multiple folders and sub-projects:

  • /golang contains software developed in Go, especially factoryinsight and mqtt-to-postgresql and their corresponding tests (-environments)
  • /deployment contains all deployment related files for the server and the factorycube, e.g. based on Kubernetes or Docker, sorted in seperate folders
  • /sensorconnect contains sensorconnect
  • /barcodereader contains barcodereader
  • /docs contains the entire documentation and API specifications for all components including all information to buy, assemble and setup the hardware


The architecture of united-manufacturing-hub

How to add new MQTT messages to mqtt-to-postgresql

For new developers the internal structure of mqtt-to-postgresql might not be self-explaining. Therefore, this tutorial.

How to publish a new version

The UMH uses the semantic versioning. This article explains how to increase the version number and what steps are needed to take