This docker container automatically detects ifm gateways in the specified network and reads their sensor values in the highest possible data frequency. The MQTT output is specified in the MQTT documentation

Getting started

Here is a quick tutorial on how to start up a basic configuration / a basic docker-compose stack, so that you can develop.

  1. Specify the environment variables, e.g. in a .env file in the main folder or directly in the docker-compose
  2. execute sudo docker-compose -f ./deployment/sensorconnect/docker-compose.yaml up -d --build

Environment variables

This chapter explains all used environment variables.


Description: The unique transmitter id. This will be used for the creation of the MQTT topic. ia/raw/TRANSMITTERID/…

Type: string

Possible values: all

Example value: 2021-0156


Description: The MQTT broker URL

Type: string

Possible values: IP, DNS name

Example value: ia_mosquitto

Example value 2: localhost


Description: The MQTT broker port. Only unencrypted ports are allowed here (default: 1883)

Type: integer

Possible values: all

Example value: 1883


Description: The IP range to search for ifm gateways

Type: string

Possible values: All subnets in CIDR notation

Example value:

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