The architecture of factorycube-server


factoryinsight is an open source REST API written in Golang to fetch manufacturing data from a timescaleDB database and calculate various manufacturing KPIs before delivering it to a user visualization, e.g. [Grafana] or [PowerBI].


  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), including various options to investigate OEE losses (e.g. analysis over time, microstop analytics, changeover deep-dives, etc.)
  • Various options to investigate OEE losses further, for example stop analysis over time, microstop analytics, paretos, changeover deep-dives or stop histograms
  • Scalable, microservice oriented approach for Plug-and-Play usage in Kubernetes or behind load balancers (including health checks and monitoring)
  • Compatible with important automation standards, e.g. Weihenstephaner Standards 09.01 (for filling), Omron PackML (for packaging/filling), EUROMAP 84.1 (for plastic), OPC 30060 (for tobacco machines) and VDMA 40502 (for CNC machines)

The openapi documentation can be found here


the tool to store incoming MQTT messages to the postgres / timescaleDB database

Technical information and usage can be found in the documentation for mqtt-to-postgresql


This is a plugin for Grafana which acts as a datasource and creates a connection to factoryinsight.


This document is an overview over the various showcases that we already did. It provides for every showcase a quick summary including a picture. More details can be found in the subsequent documents.


Documentation of mqtt-to-postgresql