How to publish a new version

The UMH uses the semantic versioning. This article explains how to increase the version number and what steps are needed to take
  1. Create release branch (e.g., v0.6.0) from staging. Docker will automatically build Docker containers with the tag VERSION-prerelease, e.g., v0.6.0-prerelease
  2. Create PR from release branch to main
  3. Update the helm charts united-manufacturing-hub by going into Charts.yaml and changing the version to the next version including a -prerelease
  4. Adjust repo link in docs/static/examples/development.yaml to the deploy-preview of helm-repo, e.g., with 515 beeing the PR created in 2. Additionally, add a –devel flag to both helm install commands, so that helm considers the prerelease as a valid version.
  5. Go into the folder deployment/helm-repo and execute
helm package ../united-manufacturing-hub/
  1. Go into deployment/helm-repo and execute helm repo index --url --merge index.yaml .
  2. Commit changes. Wait for all container and deploy previews to be created. Conduct test on K300 by specifying the new cloud-init file e.g., (you can create a link for that)
  3. Test
  4. Conduct steps 3 - 6 with changed version v0.6.0 (instead of v0.6.0-prerelease) and changed repo index url:
  5. Execute npx semantic-release --branches "master" --branches "v0.6.0" --plugins "@semantic-release/commit-analyzer" --plugins "@semantic-release/release-notes-generator" --plugins "@semantic-release/changelog"
  6. Remove old helm packages from prerelease from repo
  7. Merge PR from staging to main
  8. Add a new release containing a changelog of all changes