This site describes all environment variables used to setup and customize the united manufacturing hub.


Environment variables are used to setup and customize your system to your needs. The United Manufacturing Hub has a lot of different microservices you can enable or disable via environment variables. Additionally those microservices have settings you can set with those environment variables.

This webpage shows you how to change them and what variables are accessible.

How to change environment variables

The environment variables are specified in a .yaml file. You can either directly change them in the file or use our Management SaaS tool to generate the file according to your needs. The latter option eliminates the risk of invalid .yaml files.

Table of environment variables

PathDescriptionTypePossible valuesExample valueExample value 2
_000_commonConfig/datasources/sensorconnect/enabledEnables or disables sensorconnect microservice.booltrue, falsetrue
_000_commonConfig/datasources/sensorconnect/iprangeThe IP range to search for ifm gateways.stringAll subnets in CIDR notation172.16.0.0/24
_000_commonConfig/serialNumberUsually the hostname. This will be used for the creation of the MQTT/Kafka topic. ia/raw/TRANSMITTERID/…stringall2021-0156development
sensorconnect/ioddfilepathA persistent path, to save downloaded IODD files atstringAll valid paths/tmp/iodd
sensorconnect/lowerPollingTimeThe fastest time to read values from connected sensors in millisecondsintall100
sensorconnect/upperPollingTimeThe slowest time to read values from connected sensors in milliseconds. To disable this feature, set this variable to the same value as lowerPollingTimeintall100
sensorconnect/pollingSpeedStepUpMsThe time to add to the actual tick rate in case of a failure (incremental)intall10
sensorconnect/pollingSpeedStepDownMsThe time to subtract from actual tick rate in case of a failure (incremental)intall10
sensorconnect/sensorInitialPollingTimeMsThe tick speed, that sensor connect will start from. Set a bit higher than LOWER_POLLING_TIME_MS to allow sensors to recover from faults easierintall100
sensorconnect/maxSensorErrorCountAfter this numbers on errors, the sensor will be removed until the next device scanintall50
sensorconnect/deviceFinderTimeSecSeconds between scanning for new devicesintall10
sensorconnect/deviceFinderTimeoutSecTimeout per device for scan responseintall10
sensorconnect/additionalSleepTimePerActivePortMsThis adds a sleep per active port on an IO-Link masterfloatall0.0
sensorconnect/allowSubTwentyMsAllows query times below 20MS. DO NOT activate this, if you are unsure, that your devices survive this load.bool0, 10
sensorconnect/additionalSlowDownMapA json map of additional slowdowns per device. Identificates can be Serialnumber, Productcode or URLintall[]json[{"serialnumber":"000200610104","slowdown_ms":-10},{"url":"","slowdown_ms":20},{"productcode":"AL13500","slowdown_ms":20.01}]
sensorconnect/debugSet to 1 to enable debug outputbool0, 10
sensorconnect/resources/requests/cpuCPU usage sensorconnect is guaranteed to get in milliCPUstring2m
sensorconnect/resources/requests/memoryMemory usage sensorconnect is guaranteed to get in MiBstring200Mi
sensorconnect/resources/limits/cpuCPU usage sensorconnect can get maximally in milliCPU. Sensorconnect will be throttled to stay below the limit.string5m
sensorconnect/resources/limits/memoryMemory usage sensorconnect can get maximally in MiB. If the container goes past the memory limit, it will be terminated by kubernetes.string500Mi
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