This section has tutorials and other documents, that do not fit into the other categories.

Certified devices

This section contains tutorials related to our commercial certified devices.

Setting up the documentation

This document explains how to get started with the documentation locally


This document gives answers to the frequently asked questions

Setting up the PKI infrastructure

This document describes how to create and manage the certificates required for MQTT

Edge networking

The UMH stack features a sophisticated system to be integrated into any enterprise network. Additionally, it forces multiple barriers against attacks by design. This document should clear up any confusion.

Working with the system practically

Three step implementation plan for using the factorycube

How to add additional SSH keys in k3OS

This article explains how to add an additional SSH key to k3OS, so that multiple people can access the device

How to update the stack / helm chart

This article explains how to update the helm chart, so that you can apply changes to the configuration of the stack or to install newer versions