How to install k3OS

This article explains how to install k3OS on an edge device using the United Manufacturing Hub installation script.


  • edge device with keyboard and computer screen successfully booted from a USB-stick (see also Installation)
  • you should see on the computer screen the screen below (it will automatically continue after 10 seconds with the installation, so do not worry if you only see it for some seconds)

boot menu of k3OS


Wait until k3OS is fully started. You should see the screen below:

k3OS installer fully booted

Enter rancher and press enter to login.

k3OS installer fully booted with rancher as username

You should now be logged in.

Pro tip: Execute lsblk and identify your hard drive (e.g. by the size). It will prevent playing “Russian Roulette” on a later step.

Now type in sudo k3os install to start the installation process.

entered `sudo k3os install`

You are now prompted to select what you want to install. Select 1 and press enter or just press enter (the stuff in brackets [] is the default configuration if you do not specify anything and just press enter).

Install to disk

At this step you may be asked to select your hard drive. One of the devices sda or sdb will be your hard drive and the other will be the USB stick you booted from.

If you don not know what your hard drive is, you will have to play “Russian roulette” and choose a device. If you find out later that you installed the hard drive on the USB stick by mistake, repeat the installation process and use the other device.

After that select y when you get asked for a cloud-init file

Configure system with cloud-init file

Now enter the URL of your cloud-init file, e.g. the one mentioned in the Installation guide.

Attention: The default keyboard of k3Os is American. So just google the American keyboard and see where you can find the letters and characters used.

Press enter to continue.

Specify the cloud-init file

example (do not use this URL)

Confirm with y and press enter.

Confirm installation with `y`

Confirm installation with `y`

If the installation fails with not beeing able to fetch the cloud-init file check the URL and the network configuration

If the installation fails with expired or untrusted certificates (curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: certificate is not yet valid or similar), check out this guide.

The device will then reboot. You might want to remove the USB-stick to prevent booting from the USB-stick again.

If the following screen appears you did everything correct and k3OS was successfully installed.