How to update the stack / helm chart

This article explains how to update the helm chart, so that you can apply changes to the configuration of the stack or to install newer versions




  1. Go to the folder deployment/factorycube-server or deployment/factorycube-edge
  2. Execute helm upgrade factorycube-server . --values "YOUR VALUES FILE" --kubeconfig /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml -n YOUR_NAMESPACE

This is basically your installation command, but you exchange install with upgrade. You need to change “YOUR VALUES FILE” with the path of your values.yaml, e.g. /home/rancher/united-manufacturing-hub/deployment/factorycube-server/values.yaml and you need to adjust YOUR_NAMESPACE with the correct namespace name. If you did not specify any namespace during the installation you can use the namespace default. If you are using factorycube-edge instead of factorycube-server you need to adjust that as well.