How to update the stack / helm chart

This article explains how to update the helm chart, so that you can apply changes to the configuration of the stack or to install newer versions

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  1. Go to the folder deployment/factorycube-server or deployment/factorycube-edge
  2. Execute helm upgrade factorycube-server . --values "YOUR VALUES FILE" --kubeconfig /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml -n YOUR_NAMESPACE

This is basically your installation command, but you exchange install with upgrade. You need to change “YOUR VALUES FILE” with the path of your values.yaml, e.g. /home/rancher/united-manufacturing-hub/deployment/factorycube-server/values.yaml and you need to adjust YOUR_NAMESPACE with the correct namespace name. If you did not specify any namespace during the installation you can use the namespace default. If you are using factorycube-edge instead of factorycube-server you need to adjust that as well.